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Renault is breaking new ground with the launch of a highly coveted collection of sneakers, paying homage to the iconic R5 Turbo from the early 80s. Expanding on the brilliant success of the initial "genR5" release, the French automaker has unveiled a limited edition of 960 pairs of sneakers, available exclusively at nft.renault.com - Renault's cutting-edge virtual shop. You can go look, but rest assured that all pairs have been snapped up already, likely within minutes of the drop. Stepping into this online showroom is an audio-visual journey of note, clearly there’s a great marketing budget at Renault. From the moment visitors select their personalized avatars, they are transported into a virtual world where the spotlight shines on the collector's edition RACING SHOE5, crafted in the stylish hues of the classic and iconic R5 Turbo. This collection is made up of six models, five of them inspired by the R5 Turbo flagship models. The sixth design, a result of collaboration with the innovative web3 R3NLT community, pays homage to the remarkable R5 TURBO 3E show car. Renault infused distinctive elements of the iconic R5 Turbo into these collector's sneakers - the rear inclination of the shoe mirrors the car's chassis, while the interior is inspired by the plush upholstery. Even the laces pay homage to the seat belts. In a final nod to its automotive counterpart, each model consists of 160 unique pairs, symbolizing the R5 Turbo's impressive 160 horsepower.

Renault pushed innovation further with the integration of an NFC chip embedded in the sneakers. By scanning the chip, wearers gain access to the shoe's NFT-based certificate of authenticity, along with information on the composition, materials, and manufacturing traceability. This data is securely recorded on a blockchain, ensuring validity and trust. Also, the sneakers are crafted using LWG (Leather Working Group) certified leather, emphasizing Renault's commitment to sustainable practices. Each individually-numbered pair of these exceptional sneakers is crafted only after purchasing the corresponding NFT version, which at the drop was priced at €265. They’re probably already worth ten times that. The RACING SHOE5 collection signifies a profound connection with the Renault brand, particularly for those involved in the R3NLT program. Arnaud Belloni, Global Marketing Director of Renault, shares his excitement: "Renault's latest NFT drop presents an extraordinary opportunity for brand enthusiasts to acquire an exclusive pair of sneakers, relish an immersive 3D experience, and even partake in a privileged encounter with Renault's visionary designers at our Research and Development Center. Sneaker owners will also enjoy exclusive access to a range of personalized and customizable merchandise." Blockchain technology is a fast and secure database renowned for storing and transmitting information, and it underpins this groundbreaking initiative from Renault.

Take a look at the YouTube video that's short and sweet, but gives off a pretty rad retro vibe which must be the point seeing as these limited edition sneakers were inspired by the classic Renault R5 Turbo that was produced between 1980 and 1984. All the neon makes perfect sense now, huh?: Collector’s Edition trainers inspired by the Renault R5 turbo | CWMeda

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