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Don't wipe your eyes, you haven't misread the headline. This is the first of its kind Billet four-rotor Mazda RX-7, and it pumps out over 1000whp and 782 torques to all four wheels.

Most people either love the rotary or they don't, but they power a few of the cars here at SXdrv, so we admire them. Yes, they can be temperamental and will give you grey hairs, but they sound incredible and can deliver astonishing amounts of power for their small displacement.

Enter Rob Dahm and his gorgeous Mazda RX-7. Not happy with a Wankel two- or three-rotor motor, he set out to build a four-rotor powerplant, hunting for big numbers in the power game.

It's not as simple as just plugging two two-rotor motors together though. The issue is that, if the firing order isn't correctly set up and the crankcase redesigned, the motor will tear itself apart.

Fortunately for Rob, a company out of Australia called Billet Rotary manufacture possibly the most durable blocks in the world. He's documented this incredible on YouTube, but almost everything on this AWD RX-7 is customised, and I suggest you spend some time checking out the progress.

In short, it's an AWD Mazda RX-7 with the four-rotor motor and an enormous turbo, carbon fibre drivetrain, and extended bonnet to accommodate for everything.

In the video below, he heads off to the dyno to see what figures he can achieve. After multiple pulls and a lot of tweaking, he cracks over 1000hp and 782 torques on the wheels. Check out the flame-spitting craziness immediately by pressing play now!

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