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Take a look at Nico Rosberg as he explains the driver seat position and limited view in a formula 1 car.

We have all seen a Formula 1 car, whether on TV or in person, but what we actually see of the driver is really limited. Usually, it's just a helmet bobbing up and down and side to side, but have you ever thought of the driver's position as they are flying around the track and pulling quite a few G's?

Former world champion and Formula 1 driver, Nico Rosberg, shows us insight and explains how the driver seat and positioning works in Formula 1, and its quite odd at first.

The first thing you notice is how flat and laid back their driving position is, usually, their feet are higher than their head as the nose of the Formula 1 car is higher than the cockpit. Also, the drivers experience a lot of force when braking, accelerating and going around corners so their seats have to fit their body shape almost to 100%, which is why each driver's seat is moulded to suit their specific drivers and then made into a lightweight custom carbon fibre driver's seat.

However, Nico Rosberg explains that not all the time the seats are made perfect. At certain races, the drivers need some more support here and there, which they make do with additional foam pads to help the drivers perform their best on the day.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Mercedes-Benz, on Nico Rosberg Explains the driver's seat in the Silver Arrow.

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