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Inspired by their day of drifting, the SXdrv boys come up with a plan to create a Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift tribute car but, time is tight, so they call on a friend to help out – welcome to Part 3 of OverSteer.

Drifting cars in real life is a skill you can't learn on a console, as Mike, Roscoe and Chris found out in Part 2 of SXdrv's OverSteer at the Redstar Raceway recently. It also gets the creative juices flowing as the boys set themselves a new challenge, can they turn the Veilside Nissan 350Z that's in the SXdrv Garage into a tribute car to the Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift movie?

There's a problem, though, as the shoot is set to take place in seven days and, if it's going to be a Tokyo Drift tribute, then they've got a ton of work to do.

Enter our good friend, Philip, from Fuel Garage. Tasked with the impossible, Phil discovers a few nasty surprises with the 350Z project, problems that make meeting the deadline look unachievable. Throw in some unforeseen issues, courtesy of South Africa's unpredictable electricity provider, and we're left to watch the grey hairs sprout from his bearded face.

Can this team of misfits manage to meet their deadline and, more importantly, will the Tokyo Drift fans appreciate what they do – if they succeed?

Well, instead of reading this, rather hit play and find out for yourself in this fun, intense and gripping episode of SXdrv's OverSteer!

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