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Take a look at these seven cars that are absolutely lethal!

There have been some cars in the past that are arguably a design disaster when it comes to power and handling. But these seven cars are outrageous, and seem like they were designed to do nothing but kill you!

1) Porsche Carrera GT: In the early 2000s, Porsche wanted to make an outright supercar that would appeal to their diehard fans that thought a 911 GT3 wasn't powerful enough. They launched the Carrera GT, that was not only insanely powerful but lacked any driving aids whatsoever!

2) Koenigsegg CCR: The Swedes were always about safety first until Christian Von Koenigsegg came along and put the McLaren F1 to shame. Even the Stig couldn't keep the CCR on the road!

3) Ford Pinto: Although not a supercar, the Ford Pinto had a major flaw. If the car was rear-ended, the rear bumper would pierce the gas tank, which sometimes caused the car to burst into flames. This gives their slogan, "It leaves You With That Warm Feeling", a whole new meaning!

4) Vauxhall Vectra VXR: This one appealed to the younger, wet behind the ears, market. The problem was that this car was notorious for excessive torque steer and understeer from its front-wheel-drive 280hp turbocharged V6.

5) Porche 911 Turbo 930: The Porsche 911 is hard to fault in a lot of areas. However, the older 930 Turbo had its engine sit behind the rear axle, which threw the weight distribution off completely. The choice of a huge turbo resulted in excessive boost lag so, when it kicked in, the tail of the car would often try and overtake the nose. That's why it was called The Widow Maker.

6) TVR Speed 12: TVR's are, without a doubt, mental sports cars. The Speed 12 was a 1,000hp concept that was turned down by the CEO as it was far too dangerous to even sell. The original concept car was sold to a private owner and was detuned to just 800hp.

7) Reliant Regal: This little death-trap was an idea that came from the motorcycle world. According to road law, a vehicle with three wheels is considered a motorcycle, and therefore was taxed accordingly. However, three wheels in a car, as in two in the back and one in the front, was a recipe for disaster for obvious reasons.

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