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Let's dive into the pros and cons of buying a used Tesla.

Tesla has grown in reputation to a point where it's even got its own subculture! But, in order to be a part of the Tesla electric hype, you're going to have to drop some serious hard-earned cash to get one, regardless of the model.

But the secondhand market is slowly getting saturated with used Tesla models which, in turn, drops the price of owning one, and that sounds fantastic!

However, is it the right time to invest in a used Tesla?

Well, first of all, it depends on a lot of things to determine if it will be a wise move or not. We have to understand that the newish range of Tesla's are still relatively unproven, and whether they will withstand their promises over time. There have been numerous reports of Tesla motors not running particularly efficiently in cooler temperatures, as well as body panels not lining up correctly and even door handles that randomly stop working!

The best advice we can give you is, if you're seriously considering buying a used Tesla, just make sure you have the car undergo a thorough certified check. Possibly have it insured by Tesla's insurance company as they know the cars better than anyone else.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Ideal Media, on Should You Buy A Used Tesla Model S?

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