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Take a look at these six cars that were considered ugly when they were launched, but actually aged incredibly well.

Ever laid eyes on a brand new car, whether it's a totally new addition to the lineup or a facelift of a previous version, and thought to yourself "Damn, that thing is nasty!" Well, you're not alone! But, after a while, some of them actually start growing on you, and you have a complete 180 on your opinions.

This has happened countless times with thousands of people. Take the new Supra for example, yes it was hated for many other reasons as well but, over time, they started creeping up everywhere in the car scene and now, when you see one, it somehow puts a smile on your face.

Here are six cars that were considered ugly at their launch, but ended up ageing incredibly well:

  1. 1: The Gumpert Apollo
  2. 2: BMW M5 E60
  3. 3: Lamborghini Veneno
  4. 4: Bugatti EB110
  5. 5: Alfa Romeo Montreal
  6. 6: Cizeta V16T

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Bladed Angel, on 6 "Ugly" Cars That Aged Very Well.

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