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Tesla finds itself on the short end of a lawsuit whereby they now have to pay back a total of $1.5 Million dollars to customers over some shady battery throttling practices.

The electric vehicle manufacturing giant Tesla released a software update to their customer's vehicles in 2019 which now has been confirmed to also be slowing down charging speeds and also shown a reduction in total range for around 1,743 of its already sold vehicles.

As a result, Tesla now has to pay each customer a total of $625 per affected vehicle.

The court document reads: "This amount is many times the prorated value of the temporary reduced maximum voltage, and thus represents an excellent and efficient result for the Settlement Class."

It is theorised that Tesla ran this update as a test as they value performance over efficiency but not informing the customer was where it all went wrong.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Tesla May Owe you Money...

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