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Like most other car modifications in the past, custom air suspension kits were virtually impossible to get your hands on not too long ago. The price was incredibly outrageous and the aftermarket production of them was still in its infancy. Over time, more and more kits became available for specific car makes and models, but it left out many others.

Thankfully, well-established aftermarket air suspension manufacturers, such as AccuAir and Air Lift Performance, stopped selling full air suspension kits only for specific cars. Instead, they started to sell air suspension components separately, most of which were universal and would fit on a variety of vehicles.

During the Worthersee Treffen 2020 car event that took place in southern Austria, some of the world's most exclusive custom cars made an appearance, as always. But, one thing rather stood out from the rest... some incredible modified Tesla's stealing the show!

We saw a Tesla Model 3 and Model S both with aftermarket wheels, custom wraps and, of course, both slammed with full air suspension kits on them.

So the future of "stance", with electric cars on the rise, doesn't look too grim after all. In fact, it looks incredible!

Check out these and ahost of your other favourite cabbies, slammed to the ground, in the video below by the YouTube channel, Dropped Design.

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