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BMW's big bad powerhouse coupé. V8, twin turbos and a whole lotta boost! From the factory it produces 418kW but this RGM fiddled beast pumps out a mind-blowing 580kW and over 1000Nm of fuck-you torque!

BMW has always been known to make some epic drivers' cars and the latest iteration of the notorious M6 is no different. BMW have done away with the epic naturally aspirated V10 from the previous generation car and replaced it with a more efficient 4.4L V8 twin turbo powerplant. With this motor utilizing forced induction it meant one thing for tuners all around the world, loads of potential for increased power!

RGMotorsport was one of those tuners that knew the potential this German had and they took it upon themselves to turn this Bavarian Beast into the ultimate brute. RGM really went to town on this car and at the centre of it all is the Garrett hybrid twin turbo upgrade really bringing the motor into its prime. To let this new setup breathe as good as possible they also fitted RGM Techniflow downpipes along with an epic Akrapovic exhaust system, complete with a RGM flap control module, which allows the valves in the exhaust to open or close at the simple push of a button. To make it al gel together perfectly, the technical guys at RGM spent countless hours fine tuning the setup until they were 100% happy with it and it made the power they wanted reliably, that magical 580kW and 1000Nm+ that was mentioned earlier. That's a massive 162kW jump from stock! Believe it or not, but they are actually not finished yet as their end goal is to get the car over 600kW but before they get there they are busy finding the best way to put all that power down on the road, because you can have all the power in the world, but if you can't put it down on the road, it's pretty pointless. Part of the solution they've found and are busy working on is boost per gear, where they will be able to control the boost the turbos produce in each gear independently. The other way they've managed to improve grip drastically is by removing the normal road tyres in the rear and replacing them with super sticky Toyo R888 semi-slicks.

The M6 is already quite the looker, but just like any woman can be improved with some aesthetic enhancement to make her even more irresistible so can a car. To get the stance of the car better, RGM fitted a custom lowering kit to bring the car more down to earth. They also did some colour coding on the car, to make it look more unique. They started out by colour coding the already hot M6 rims to a more sinister black. They also colour coded a few specific panels black after that, like the kidney grilles and the black stripes along the sides of the car. The final cherry on the cake was the sexy Prior Design hood that was painted in the body colour and then fitted to the car in-house.

There's no denying that from the factory the M6 is definitely a bad-ass car, but with a little bit of RGmotorsport magic, this has now been turned into a brutal German destroyer!


Car Specs

Model: F13 BMW M6
Power:  580kW - 1000NM+
Engine: Garrett Twin Turbo bolt-on upgrade, RGM Techniflow downpipes, Akrapovic exhaust system, RGM flap control module, RGM tuning package
Suspension: RGM custom lowering kit
Exterior:  Colour coded Kidney grilles, Black side stripes
Wheels: Stock wheels colour coded black, Toyo R888 semi-slicks




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