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When it comes to car makers, one of the biggest and most successful on the planet is Toyota. Having a worldwide footprint means they make some of the world’s most popular cars in just about every motoring category there is. Take a drive in almost any country Toyota is sold in and you’re almost guaranteed to see a Corolla or two, some Yaris models, a Camry or two, loads of Hilux LDVs and even Supras to cover the performance side of things. 

While these cars do great, there are some out there that want that world-renowned Toyota reliability, but with heaps more exclusivity and luxury, which is where their sister brand Lexus comes in. Back at the turn of the century, Toyota took the decision to create the ultimate Lexus, so luxurious the German brands would be jealous, and so powerful and fast that being described as a Japanese supercar is normal for the results of the project. When initial feedback on the prototype Lexus started streaming in and it was positive, which is when Toyota started taking things a lot more seriously, and Project LFA kicked into high gear.

The bar was set high, the Lexus LFA was not only a flagship for the Lexus range. It was a rolling showcase of the new technologies and processes created at Toyota - only the best of the best made it into the Lexus LFA. It makes sense then that the project took a while, development ended up being just shy of a ten-year project. The end result was mind-blowing, instantly impressing the right people in the world of cars. At the time, legendary motoring journalists Chris Harris and Jeremy Clarkson claimed that Toyota’s creation of the Lexus LFA to be one of the best cars driven in their respective careers. That wasn’t even the limited edition Nurburgring one from 2011…

There’s a sad side to the story though, the Lexus LFA ended up having a rather short-lived life, and after just two years it was dropped from production. It turns out that while Lexus is a brand all about luxury and the finer things, the LFA was still too costly for many loyal brand buyers. Those that had the means to afford one opted for something more established from the likes of Ferrari and McLaren. 

Take a look at the YouTube video about the Lexus LFA below: The Greatest Car EVER Made... No One Bought - Ideal Cars

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