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WELT is known for delivering a world-class automotive documentary. This time, they focus on the Lamborghini Huracán EVO.

It takes 80 people to make 16 Lamborghini Huracán's every day in their factory in Italy. This is quite an achievement when you consider that the vehicles are assembled mainly by hand, with little interference from automated robots.

This particular Lambo is a 640hp bullet that will clock a 0-100kph time on 2,9-seconds and reach 200kph six seconds later. If you have enough space, and the courage to push on, the Huracan will top out at 325kph.

The skeleton of the Huracán is made up of aluminium and carbon, it contains 2,5km worth of cables, can carry 90-litres of fuel, and each car is customised with tons of options. The 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated mid-mounted V10 sits in front of the rear axle for even weight distribution between both axles, making the EVO extremely agile.

Remarkably, Lamborghini's racing division, Squadra Corse, produce the GT3 and Super Trofeo on the same assembly line as the production vehicles, including the roll cage and other custom racing equipment.

In the WELT documentary below, you'll be taken on a trip through the Raging Bull factory as they explain the process and technology used to create the Huracán EVO. You'll also get a glimpse of the racing team at work, both during assembly and on the track.

You'll also learn about how the aero works on every aspect of the vehicle, plus a bit about the 20-inch Pirelli rubber too. In short, this documentary is a must-watch for supercar fans, and engineers and designers will find it fascinating too.


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