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If you’re a die-hard automotive fan there’s a pretty good chance that you know about the StanceWorks YouTube channel, and if you’ve been into automotive things for a while now then you may have started following their amazing content back when it was only a website with a blog. The man behind the company is Mike Burroughs and he’s one of the most passionate car people out there. His StanceWorks brand and his name became more quite well known after his mad BMW build went viral before viral was a thing. Rusty Slammington was a legend, a slammed BMW E28 with rusted everything but amazing suspension and wheels. The car is a legend in the stance scene worldwide. Burroughs has had a few awesome cars over the years, each one having the full build process documented online, but one that’s garnered the most attention and has racked up the most views and click-throughs has undoubtedly been his Ferrari 308 GTB, While the project started out as a stance car of sorts, the plans kept on evolving, so much that the plans eventually found a new focus - to be a time attack beast. The project kicked off properly at the end of 2020, and that old 308 TB from the late 70s and mid-80s is so far removed from what it used to be that old Enxzo would be turning in his grave. The original 2.9-litre V8 isn’t a bad piece of engineering, but Burroughs decided that a fully forged and modified Honda K24 powerplant would be a better fit. Having a modern powerplant that’s the new flavour of the month (year) meant everything you could want to make it both powerful and reliable is basically available off the shelf. The car’s full build has been documented over more than 120 YouTube videos and social media updates, so if you ever felt the need you could watch how the old Ferrari was transformed into the monster K24-swapped time attack car it is today.

As said, the Ferrari now features a fully-built, fully-forged and turbocharged K24 that’s capable of pushing out a cool 1,000 hp and more. Boost comes from a Garrett G42-1000 turbo and it does duty under the control of a Haltech Nexus R5 and PDM system, with feedback on a Haltech IC-7 dash. The powerplant was mated to a Quaife QKE8J 5-speed sequential gearbox, also a top-notch piece of kit but if you watched any of the content about the car, it gave up the ghost on track in Australia of all places. Added to that, the bodywork was chopped and changed to accommodate the new powerplant, and while things were being worked on, the suspension added into the mix was not only fully custom but was also made up of the best of the best components available. While Burroughs did plan to track the car, those plans went next level when the finished car was taken to the final round of the Global Time Attack in Australia. The car proved that was was fast, properly fast, but it did end up having a few issues, like that aforementioned transmission issue. Luckily there was a similar spec one available in Australia and after some serious money changed hands, it was fitted to the car to allow it to finish the event. It was just not meant to be though as the engine also packed it in at high speed. When the car returned to the States the transmission was stripped down to see the damage, covered in an update video, and followers of the car’s build were left waiting to find out more about the engine. Well, that’s what this is all about - Burroughs has stripped the car and the rebuild of the car has just started, again all documented in a brilliantly filmed and edited video. There will be more additions to the story, and we’re waiting patiently for those updates.

Take a look at the YouTube video that continues with the saga of the turbocharged K24-swapped Ferrari. This new video starts off documenting the progress of the engine rebuild after it let go at speed a few months back at the Global Time Attack finals in Australia. Expect a brilliantly filmed and well-document series of videos to follow this one - real petrolhead stuff: The Honda-Swapped Ferrari RE-BUILD Begins: Ep 1 | StanceWorks

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