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In the world of Porsche, models that bear the GT and RS badges are the ones that fanatics around the world have in poster form on bedroom, workshop and man cave walls around the world. These cars at at the pinnacle of performance and as a result are eye-wateringly expensive. The average man on the street will likely never own one, just like me, but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating everything that makes them special. The latest Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport is around four years old now and in the world of performance cars that’s still new. With the high value of these cars, it’s not always possible for owners to upgrade to the latest models. I mean they could likely afford it, but even when they have a healthy amount of F-you money in their bank account, it just doesn’t make financial sense to upgrade. Luckily the folk at Porsche know this, and while we’re sure they’d prefer current GT2 RS Clubsport owners to upgrade to something newer and bolster Porsche’s quarterly profits, they’re not greedy. Looking at the latest Porsche financials they don’t need to be at all. So with that in mind, the German automaker recently released a new upgrade kit for current GT2 RS Clubsport owners to bring it up to date and also to improve the car’s on-track performance thanks to better airflow dynamics. If you can’t sell current owners a new car, you might as well give them an update that makes them more competitive to hold the Porsche name high.

Porsche says the new Evo Kit is “made for everyone who fell in love with the GT2 RS Clubsport in the beginning, and who’s ready to do so all over again” and they have a point, the result of the new upgrade is amazing. The Evo Kit sees the Clubsport wear wider rims and tyres along with enhanced damper valving characteristics for the front and the back to help improve corner grip and easily absorb those racetrack undulations. The actual bodywork is wider with a refreshed physique made from CFK materials. It also includes modified air ducting in the front bumper that directs more air to the brakes to help improve that aspect of the drive. There’s also a new integrated FIA rain light that’s compliant with FIA regulations and homologates the car with the latest SRO GT2 specifications. The new Evo Kit makes the RS Clubsport slide through the air better and improves the handling and tractability, but there hasn’t been any attention paid to the powerplant to give the car a bit more oomph, the car simply doesn’t need it. As a reminder why, the GT2 RS Clubsport features an aluminium twin-turbocharged flat-six that’s rated at a monster 515 kW, and it’s mated to a 7-speed DCT transmission with power directed to the rear wheels. It’s not a cheap thing to upgrade the RS though, you’re looking at shelling out in the region of R1,800,000. The car itself is closer to R8,000,000, if you can find one up for sale.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the absolutely amazing 911 GT2 RS as it looked when it was first introduced around four years ago. There's no doubt the car is a stunner of a thing, and to keep the car more relevant the German automaker has released a new kit that sees changes in the looks as well as the airflow for the GT2 car: The new 911 GT2 RS Clubsport. | Porsche

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