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The Porsche 991 GT3 sets the perfect balance between track toy and daily driver, without any compromise.

Porsche 911s have always been some of the best multipurpose sports cars ever created and that feature has stayed true from their inception up to their latest offerings available today. Now you get various models like the ‘base model’ Carrera up to the ludicrous GT3 RS.

This beautiful Porker we have here is the GT3 though. If you were to try compare the GT3 against the GT3 RS, The Porsche GT3 is designed for occasional use on the race track while the Porsche GT3 RS is designed for occasional use on the road.

Porsche introduced the 991 GT3 at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013 and its had great success ever since. The 991 GT3 features a new 3.8 litre direct fuel injection (DFI) flat-six engine developing 475 hp at 8,250 rpm, a Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) double-clutch gearbox and rear-wheel steering. The engine is based on the unit fitted in the 991 Carrera S, but shares only a few common parts. All other components, particularly the crankshaft and valve train, were specially adapted or developed for the 991 GT3. For example, the 991 GT3's engine uses titanium connecting rods attached to forged pistons, in order to allow the engine to reach up to 9,000 rpm. The dual-clutch gearbox is another feature specially developed for the 991 GT3, based on sequential manual transmissions used in racing cars.  Yes, sadly no more manual transmission for the GT3, but let’s be honest the PDK gearbox is a great piece of kit, and much more practical if you get stuck in traffic every now and then, seeing as this car can be easily used as a daily driver. That clever PDK gearbox also helps the GT3 sprint to 100km/h in a quick 3.5 seconds.

When it comes to looks, the GT3 has classic Porsche styling that we all know and love. The instantly recognisable shape that’s been around forever, but if something works why change it. The big headlights and elongated DRLs immediately catch your attention when you look at the front, but the back of this car is where its real sexiness lies. Those long, flat rear lights, the center exhaust placement and the fixed wing oozes pure Porsche ecstasy. The white finish is also the perfect colour for me, as it accentuates the cars’ bodylines and it contrasts perfectly with the anthracite colour wheels. Race! added the dark grey striping with a red outline to the car, which suits it perfectly, complimenting the massive red calipers and red ‘GT3’ stitching on the front seats.

When it comes to a high-performance, sexy looking, practical sports car, not much comes close to the complete package that a Porsche offers. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens and other sports car marquees are cool, but if we had the choice to choose only one car to serve as our daily car, while doubling up duty as a weekend track weapon, this would definitely be it!


Car Specs

Model: Porsche 991 911 GT3
Power: 475HP
Exterior: Custom striping by Race!
Tuning Shop: Race!





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