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Cultural luminary and NASCAR superstar Ricky Bobby, the fictional hero of Talladega Nights, once uttered these now-famous words: “if you ain’t first, you’re last.” 

While the statement obviously doesn’t make any sense at all, as his father opines—“you could be second, you could be third, fourth, heck… you could even be fifth”—Ricky Bobby did at least get one scenario right. Head-to-head drag racing. And in Concord, North Carolina, it appears one of Bobby’s biggest fans is doing right by his silver screen idol. He’s cleaning up at the dragstrip.

On the way south during this month’s GoldRush Rally, a nine-day road rally running from Boston to Las Vegas, the cars took a pitstop at the zMax Dragway to lay down some times. This Huracan, dressed in Ricky Bobby’s #26 Wonder Bread racing livery, proved to be one of the quickest. Take a look at its scintillating passes in the clip, below.

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