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Take a look at what professional F1 drivers say it feels like to crash a Formula 1 car.

One thing you have to make peace with if you want to get into racing cars is the fact that you will crash. It will never be a matter of if, but rather a matter of when. It will happen multiple times too, but the most important thing is that the driver is safe and not too bruised up. 

For most, though, it hurts more on an emotional level, which is exactly what these professional Formula 1 drivers say in the video below, as they dive into what it feels like to crash a Formula 1 car.


According to the video below, having a crash in Formula 1 hurts a lot, but all that pain is not necessarily caused by the impact. One thing that the drivers know very well is that thousands of hours and millions of dollars went into the development of those exact car parts you just wrecked. You're also letting down your entire team, family and thousands of fans. Sometimes that hurts more than the impact itself.

Take a look at this video by YouTube channel, Formula 1, on What It Feels Like To Crash An F1 Car.

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