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This is an example of why money doesn't always buy taste. In fact, in this case, these ricers definitely shouldn't be allowed near their lottery winnings!

This is going to make your eyes hurt and, possibly, take a few years off your life as your heart is sent into cardiac arrest. You have to wonder what these people's houses look like. Now, to be fair, the look of one's vehicle is a subjective thing, and everyone has the right to express themselves through modifications to their beloved car... but it has to stop somewhere. Right?

Take the McLaren SLR you'll see first in this list. There are simply no words to describe how violently ill I feel when looking at the way that poor car has been brutalised. I wonder if anyone said to the owner, a chap named Anliker Ueli, "You know, maybe we're going too far?" Just because it's coated in 5kg of gold flakes mixed into that horrible red paintwork, doesn't mean it's better than it was before.

There are other pearlers on this list that'll have you reaching for the barf-bag, so good luck and happy viewing! Oh yes, and don't forget to watch part two too!

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