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The follow me car is something you can easily spot when you're at an airport, but why is it so important in aviation?

The follow me car serves many purposes, but is mainly used in the event that a pilot, after landing, is unfamiliar with the airport layout and needs guidance as to where to taxi. If a pilot gets lost or takes too much time finding his way, this could put other planes at risk, as well as delay the schedule of the airport – which ultimately costs millions of dollars.

Also, if the visibility of the airport is lower than 150 metres, the follow me car is deployed. The follow me car also does frequent runway inspections as well as guiding construction vehicles in the event that repairs are needed. The construction vehicles and workers are usually contracted and are not familiar with the airport's rules and safety regulations.

There is no law as to what type of vehicle is required for a follow me car, which means there have been some interesting choices over the years. Think Mini Coopers and Smart Cars, and pick-up trucks to Lamborghini Huracan's.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Captain Joe, on Why Is The Follow Me Car So Important? Explained By Captain Joe.

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