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A few weeks ago, the 2022 official Formula 1 car's got unveiled and quite frankly took the world by surprise not only by the bold and vibrant livery designs but more so on the futuristic looks and innovative design changes that have never been seen before in the world of Formula 1.

But there is one major change that will change racing in F1 forever and that is the innovative design of the curved rear wing.

The massive rear wing you get on F1 cars is designed to create a high-pressure point at the top and low pressure at the bottom when driving at higher speeds which drastically improve downforce. However, when you are in a slipstream created by the car ahead you drastically lose downforce which is beneficial provided you're in a straight line.

The problem that F1 drivers face is when you are in a slipstream and going around a corner as you're car becomes subjected to "dirty air" where you don't have the downforce you need in order to make the turn.

The new curved rear wing on the 2022 F1 cars have been specifically designed to drastically improve on the effects of dirty air situations so drivers can be more aggressive when making turns with another car ahead of them in close proximity.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Driver 61 on Why Formula 1's New Curved Wing Is Genius!

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