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Car enthusiast Tim Moceri explains that his childhood dream was to one day own a DeLorean. Since 8 years old Tim had been obsessed with the DeLorean, largely thanks to the Back To The Future movies which essentially made the DeLorean famous.

Well, that day finally came for Tim as he purchased the cheapest DeLorean in the states that was a non-runner and had some damage on the driver's side but restoring it back into its original state wasn't necessarily what Tim wanted to do as his project. Instead, Tim threw in an LSX motor into the back and bolted on twin Garret turbos onto it and of course, did some cosmetic modifications to the car that includes a custom widebody kit!

This car is not back to the future, per se but the future!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: 1320 Video on the Widebody Twin Turbo LSX DeLorean...

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