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With Elon Musk’s Tesla brand on the ever upward path, it became necessary for the company to create a factory dedicated to the manufacturing and supply of cars and batteries needed to keep up with the demand for Tesla cars and other Tesla products. This is where the massive Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg comes into play. Not only is the facility ginormous and packed with state-of-the-art technologies and processes, it’s also going to be responsible for the manufacture and supply of hundred of thousands or the uber-popular Tesla Model Y along with millions of battery cells for use in the various Tesla products on the market and planned for the future. The Gigafactory is the first manufacturing plant for the company in Europe, and while the build process and the opening of the plant was delayed thanks to the global pandemic and a few other annoying factors, the doors were recently officially opened by Elon Musk himself at the end of March 2022. Even though it was the opening day, a bunch of Tesla customers were also presented with their Tesla cars that were the first off the European production line, by a very happy, dancing Musk.

Now that the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg is up and running properly, we all want to see what it’s like inside. The proper VIP types will have seen the factory during the opening event at the end of March, but that leaves the rest of us motoring and technology fans wanting for more. You must remember that this is Tesla, and that means not only have they thought of this, they decided that a high-quality video tour of the facility would be the best way to let little Johannes from Cape Town see the inner workings from the comfort of his home or wherever the WIFI. Again, this is Tesla, so a normal walkthrough video just wouldn’t be good enough - enter the FPV drone.
For this Tesla Gigafactory tour, an amazing FPV drove flyby was used to show off what happens inside the expansive factory. If FPV drone videos haven’t crossed your social media feeds yet, you’re missing out. FPV stands for First Person View, and these videos are usually made by kids who have grown up in this fast-paced technological age we’re living in and have taken to technology better than anyone born pre-2000. Unlike a normal drone where the unit is controlled from a remote control unit with the operator watching the drone with the naked eye or on a phone screen, and FPV drone sees the pilot wearing a set of 3D goggles making it look and feel like you’re actually in an aircraft of some kind.
The end result, when the operator knows exactly what they’re doing, is a video that is guaranteed to elicit a bunch of ‘Oohs and Aahs’ as well as the certainty that the video has been sped up. It hasn’t, that’s just how fast FPV drones are, which makes sense seeing as their origins come from the sport of racing drones. As a result, FPV drones are usually quite compact, made of the strongest lightweight materials possible and the can also often soak up a crash that will see a conventional drone die a horrible death. 

You know you’re watching a great FPV drone video when you get dizzy or nauseous while watching on a big screen of via a pair of goggles. In this case you could tell who was watching the video here at the SXdrv offices because heads were moving side to side and even ducking when the drone was sent through, under and over the various machinery used in the manufacturing process of the Tesla cars and other products. It’s enough to make you add an FPV drone to your Christmas Present list.

Take a look at the YouTube video with the FPV drone tour through Giga Berlin below: Flying Through Giga Berlin | Tesla

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