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Take a look at these 8 cars that could have been considered riced out before they even left the factory's production line!

Legend has it that the term "Rice" stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements, but whatever the truth about its origins might be, we all know what a riced out car is.

Usually, it's those who don't really grasp the concept of taste when it comes to modifying cars and that bigger and louder is not always better. Another way to describe them is that they love to make the car sound and look faster than what it really is, don't do that, don't be a ricer!

However, there have been some cases whereby stock standard cars straight out of the factory have some ricer traits about it which are rather confusing and quite embarrassing as well.

Here are 8 cars that were completely riced out before they even left the factory:

  1. 2007 Jeep Rallye Mopar - The Jeep Rallye Mopar was a beefed out version of the Jeep Compass that featured a wide body kit, larger wheels, front fog light, a rear spoiler, unnecessarily dark window tinting and of course a chrome muffler tip!
  2. Perodua Myvi SXI Sport - This little 86 bhp hatchback featured 4 clearly fake exhaust tips, chrome door handles and beading and a rear boot spoiler to keep the front-wheel-drive car glued to the ground.
  3. Alfa Romeo 156 - The Alfa Romeo 156 is without a doubt a fantastic car (when it is actually working) however, there was a version that came out with a massive rear spoiler which was obnoxiously big, to begin with.
  4. Suzuki Swift RS - The Suzuki Swift Sport is a fun, exciting and a great driving little car, but then Suzuki brought out the Swift RS that featured large body stickers, 2 tone roof, coloured front and rear splitters and some more chrome in the lights.
  5. Proton Wira Special Edition - This Proton from back in the day was arguably not the worst looking car apart from 1 feature: the full-size JDM style Fast and Furious aluminium rear wing! What the hell?
  6. Peugeot 107 GT - The GT version of the standard Peugeot 107 was nothing more than fancy wheels, and stickers, a lot of stickers! Not to mention, the sticker colour matched side mirrors and dual chrome exhaust tips.
  7. Dodge Stratus R/T - The Dodge Stratus R/T featured some rather disgusting colours, taillights that looked like they were made by Pimp My Ride themselves, and another rear spoiler inspired by the street racing scene of the 1990s.
  8. Toyota Celica GT - The Celica was another car that was greatly admired back in the day, but the GT version was rather questionable. The rear bumper had vents in it which was rather odd, the massive spoiler at the rear was not all that bad but just unnecessary, the worst part about the whole car without a doubt are the side skirts which look like they were unlocked in Need For Speed Underground.

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