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2023 is going to be a big year for the electric car industry as Chevrolet announces a brand new electric truck.

General Motors hops in to the electric truck market, with an official announcement that Chevrolet is going to launch a fully electric truck by 2023, with an impressive range of over 400 miles per single charge.

A few months back, the automotive manufacturing giant, General Motors, announced that they are going to be investing over $2.2 billion in order to turn their Detroit facility into its official and first manufacturing assembly plant, which is fully devoted to their electric vehicles.

Although General Motors has revealed a new Chevrolet electric truck, there is no official specifications or images on how the truck will look or how it will perform. What we do know is that General Motors is shifting towards electric cars in a big way. They have aimed for 2023 to launch an electric Cadillac that will be hand-built and carry a price of around $200,000, while GMC is going to launch an electric Hummer, which might sound weird at first, but in today's day in age, it makes sense to go electric.

So, with these interesting releases coming from General Motors, will Tesla still hold the title of the worlds most valuable electric car manufacturer?

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, LaterClips, on Chevrolet Announces Electric Truck For 2023.

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