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The competition between the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and the Subaru Impreza WRX STI has been going strong since the early 90s, with people rallying for both sides, each with their own reasons why each one is better. Now I’m not saying the Impreza sucks, but in my opinion the Evo is just so much better. I’m not going to go into the reasons why I think this, but looking at this specific 800HP red monster, it’s not hard to see why I prefer the Evo. This thing is a total beast!

This red-hot powerhouse is owned and was perfected to its current iteration by SVTech, who specializes in building some epic track cars, amongst other things. Stock power figures in the Evolution IX come in around 290HP but this red bastard produces a mind-numbing 800HP! How did it get to this insane figure? Let me enlighten you…

Let’s start out with the engine itself, as the mod list on it is huge! The 2.0 L 4G63 powerplant was opened up and received some major heart surgery. It now has a Cosworth Head, Cosworth M2 Cams and also a Cosworth High Rev Kit with Titanium Retainers. Just those three parts there already tell you that this is a pretty serious motor. Then there’s also 1mm oversized Farrea Racing intake valves as well as the same exhaust valves. The stock intake manifold was also removed in favour of a Magnus V2 Intake Manifold. The car also now has an AEM Adjustable Cam Gear, Gates Racing Kevlar Cam Belt, Cometic MLS Head Gasket, ARP Head Stud Kit, Custom JE Pistons, Manley Turbo Tuff Connecting Rods, Manley K1 100mm Stroker Crank, Cosworth Crank Scraper, AMS Aluminium Sump, ARP Connecting Rod Bolts, ARP Main Cap Stud Kit, Clevite Race Bearings, AMS Race Balancer, Shaft Delete, Fluid Damper, Crank Pully and finally a Morosso Accusump. This is a pretty revolutionary part especially for track racing. The accusump helps when cornering hard during racing, where the motor might see some oil starvation and it actually pumps oil back into the motor, because no one wants his or her motor to be killed. To help with ignition and better spark there is Okada Projects Plazma Coil II Coils and Greddy Race Plugs.

Then we get to the massive list of upgraded fueling components. With great power comes ever greater fueling requirements so SVTech installed a Walbro Intank Pump, 2x Bosch Motorsport 044 Pumps a fuel surge tank to counter fuel starvation. There’s also an AMS Fuel Rail and an Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator along with a set of massive, fuel hogging, petrol pump draining 1600cc Five O Motorsport injectors.  Then lastly there is an AEM water meth injection system that aids massively in cooling, aiding in performance as well. 

Cooling for this monster gets taken care of by a Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator, Aluminum Radiator Shroud, Mishimoto Thermostat, a PWR Oil Cooler, Mocal Hydraulic Steering Fluid Cooler and a humongous AMS front mount intercooler.  Boost is badass so this Evo runs a rather large Precision 6262 V-band Ceramic Ballbearing Turbo with S Ported Compressor Housing. Adding to the turbo setup is a few delectable parts courtesy of AMS. This includes an exhaust manifold, bell mouth and a down pipe. Bolted onto the end of the AMS downpipe is a loud as hell Greddy CAT Back Exhaust System that lets all the exhaust gasses escape as quick as possible and giving the car that glorious, eardrum-numbing symphony. To deal with excess boost there is a Tial Water Cooled Waste Gate as well as a Tial Blow Off Valve. All the turbo components are hooked up with custom boost pipes and the car also has a custom airbox with a 100mm BMC Air Filter for maximum airflow into the engine. 

With copious amounts of power added, the brakes and especially the drivetrain needed to be beefed up, so starting in the braking department, the OEM rear disks and calipers were retained, but the fronts were upgraded to Powerbrake 6-pot calipers with 355mm floating and slotted discs. Also aiding the brakes are braided brake lines and there is a hydraulic handbrake in place of the standard cable operated one. For the drivetrain upgrades the OEM rear differential was retained, but the center OEM one was replaced with an upgraded Sheptrans unit. The stock clutch definitely wasn’t going to last so it was replaced with a Carbonetics Twin Carbon Fiber Plate Clutch, more than enough to cope with the added stress from the newfound power. Then there is also AMS Aluminum Shifter Bushings and a Rally Art Circuit AYC/ACD Controller.

To be a proper racecar this Evo needed quite a number of chassis and suspension upgrades although the stock parts on the Evo are pretty good to be honest. Upgrades are always better though, so of course SVTech proceeded to only fit the best, most extreme components.  To start off there is Cusco strut top braces in the front and rear as well as a Cusco lower front sub brace to tighten things up nicely. Then to limit engine and gearbox movement there is an AMS Aluminum lower engine brace, Torque Solutions engine and gearbox mounts and a WP Engine Damper. Carrying on with the stiffening is a set of AMS Aluminum rear diff carrier mounts, Agency Power adjustable rear lower control arms, a Whiteline Anti Lift kit and lastly a Whiteline Rear sway bar. Proper coilovers is one of the most vital additions to any suspension setup so this Evo obviously runs some of the best coilovers in the business. This consists of Tein Super Circuit coilovers along with an on-the-fly electronically adjustable Tein Dual EDFC Cockpit Controlled Bump and Rebound unit that sits inside the cars cabin. With all these components, this car definitely has the perfect track setup, enough to conquer any racetrack with ease and precision.

Safety is definitely key in any car, but especially in something that will be used for racing. That’s why this car had a full roll cage built especially for it, to ensure maximum safety as well as helping with rigidity.  Adding to the enhanced safety features there’s a Cobra Sebring Pro Driver Seat, Cobra Suzuka Pro Passenger Seat, Schroth 6 point harnesses for the driver and passenger, a FEV plumbed in fire extinguisher kit, Kill Switch and of course something that makes any car more epic, a clip off steering wheel. Yes boys and girls, this car is as proper as it gets!

Also on the inside of the car is a whole bunch of racing gauges to keep an eye on all the car’s vitals. Courtesy of DEFi, there’s boost, water temp, oil temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure and exhaust gas temp gauges, and yes you if you think this car has a fetish for gauges, you would be completely correct. But that’s not all of the electronic gadgets in this baby; there’s more. It also has a Innovate Motorsports AFR Gauge, AEM WMI Flow Gauge, AEM WMI Electronic Controller and to control all the electronics in the car, a GoTech Pro X ECU (It also has an Autronic SM4 and the OEM ECU still intact)

With all of these mods, which are more than on any car I’ve ever seen, you didn’t really think the exterior would be left untouched, did you? Well of course not! The exterior is after all what everyone sees first. Making the car look a whole lot more sinister is a few parts from APR. This consists of a Carbon splitter, front Carbon canards, Carbon front bumper ducts and a rather large in-your-face Carbon rear wing, doubling up as a convenient table to eat your lunch on, in-between races. Then there’s also Varis Racing Carbon side skirt extensions and a Varis Racing Carbon rear diffuser.  Lastly to keep the car on the blacktop is a set of Rays Engineering VOLK CE28N Time Attack Edition 18x10" Wheels, wrapped in super sticky Bridgestone RE11s 265/35/18 semi slick tyres all around.

Wow that was really what you call the ultimate mouthful! This beast has a mod list unlike anything other and it just takes one drive in it to appreciate its awesomeness! This is really one of the maddest, most extreme Evo’s we’ve ever come across and it’s definitely a legend in it’s own right!


Car Specs

Model: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX
Power: 800HP
Engine: Cosworth Head, Cosworth M2 Cams, Cosworth High Rev Kit with Titanium Retainers, 1mm Oversized Farrea Racing Intake Valves, 1mm Oversized, Farrea Racing Exhaust Valves, Magnus V2 Intake Manifold, AEM Adjustable Cam Gear, Gates Racing Kevlar Cam Belt, Cometic MLS Head Gasket, ARP Head Stud Kit, OEM Block, Custom JE Pistons, Manley Turbo Tuff Connecting Rods, Manley K1 100mm Stroker Crank, Cosworth Crank Scraper, AMS Aluminium Sump, ARP Connecting Rod Bolts, ARP Main Cap Stud Kit, Clevite Race Bearings, AMS Race Balancer Shaft Delete, Fluid Damper Crank Pully, Morosso Accusump
Fueling: Waldron Intank Pump, 2x Bosch Motorsport 044 Pumps, Fuel Surge Tank, 4x Five O Motorsport 1600cc Fuel Injectors, AMS Fuel Rail, Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator, AEM Water Meth Injection
Turbo: Precision 6262 V Band Ceramic Ballbearing Turbo with S Ported Compressor Housing, AMS Exhaust Manifold, AMS Bell Mouth, AMS Down Pipe, Greddy CAT Back Exhaust System, Tial Water Cooled Waste Gate, Tial Blow Off Valve, AMS Front Mount Intercooler, Custom Boost Pipes, Custom Airbox with 100mm BMC Air Filter
Cooling: Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator, Aluminum Radiator Shroud, Mishimoto Thermostat, PWR Oil Cooler, Mocal Hydraulic Steering Fluid Cooler
Ignition: Okada Projects Plazma Coil II Coils, Greddy Race Plugs
Chassis: Cusco Strut Top Braces Front and Rear, Cusco Lower Front Sub Brace, AMS Aluminum Lower Engine Brace, Torque Solutions Engine and Gearbox Mounts, WP Engine Damper, AMS Aluminum Rear Diff Carrier Mounts, Agency Power Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms, Whiteline Anti Lift Kit, Whiteline Rear Sway Bar, Tein Super Circuit Coil Overs, Tein Dual EDFC Cockpit Controlled Bump and Rebound
Brakes: OEM rear Disks and Calipers, Powerbrake 6pot Front Calipers, 355mm Floating and Slotted Front Disks, Endless Brake Pads, Braided Brake Lines, Hydraulic Handbrake
Drivetrain: OEM Rear Differential, Sheptrans Center Diff, 6 Speed Gearbox, Carbonetics Twin Carbon Fiber Plate Clutch, AMS Aluminum Shifter Bushings, Rally Art Circuit AYC/ACD Controller, Custom Center Console with raised Gear Lever
Electronics: DEFi Gauges, Boost, Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Exhaust Gas Temp, Innovate Motorsport AFR Gauge, AEM WMI Flow Gauge, AEM WMI Electronic Controller, GoTech Pro X ECU (Also have Autronic SM4 and OEM)
Safety: Cobra Sebring Pro Driver Seat, Cobra Suzuka Pro Passenger Seat, Schroth 6 point Harnesses Driver and Passenger, Full Roll Cage, FEV Plumbed in Fire Extinguisher Kit, Kill Switch, Clip Off Steering Wheel
Exterior: APR Carbon Splitter, APR Front Carbon Canards, APR Carbon Rear Wing, Carbon Front Bumper Ducts, Varis Racing Carbon Side Skirt Extensions, Varis Racing, Carbon Rear Diffuser, Rays Engineering VOLK CE28N Time Attack Edition 18x10 Wheels Front and Rear,Bridgestone RE 11s 265/35/18 Semi Slick Tyres





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