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Race! in Kyalami, South Africa had the launch of the highly anticipated Lamborghini Aventador SV recently at their premises. 

The Lamborghini Aventador SV Coupe is limited to 600 units worldwide, with this being the only one to come to South Africa. What makes this one even more special is a few very sexy cosmetic changes as well as it being the first in the world to be fitted with a ear-bleedingly loud Armytrix exhaust system.

The cosmetic changes, which alters the whole look of the car includes the car being stripped so that red pin striping could be applied around the entire car as well as the roof being made black. The rear of the car looks so aggressive now with the new exhaust and especially the red striping all over, giving it a very Veneno feel.

A few other cars built by Race was also on display on the day including two very sexy Huracans and a sublime Novitec Torado Aventador. Adding some colour into this monotone affair was the most epic Barney mobile, the bright purple Porshe GT3 RS! Inside the showroom a few high-performance toys were also on display.

This is really a magnificent machine and luckily someone managed to capture a video of this beast spitting some flames from it's new noise pollution device:


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