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Whether you're brand new to the wonderful world of Formula 1 or have been following the sport for years already then you'll know that it goes without saying that there are some cases where rainfall is experienced during a Grand Prix but it's less than ideal not only because the drivers get soaking wet but more so due to the dangers involved due to a lack of grip even on wet tyres, but even more so due to a lack of visibility.

Usually, the driver in the front of the pack has little to no issues with visibility as the airflow moves the water off the visor rather quickly, but it's the drivers that are behind other cars that suffer due to the amount of spray from the car in front!

Drivers try to keep to the side of the car ahead to prevent this. What also helps is that helmets and visors are coated with a special chemical that helps to disperse water even further, like that of water off a ducks back. As a last resort, drivers can peel off a layer of vinyl off their helmet to clear it up, but this usually is just a momentary fix.

If the rain gets far too severe the FIA and race officials will call a red flag that puts an instant pause on the race and then it will resume once the rain has calmed down a bit, but in some extreme cases, the race may even be cancelled.

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