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It’s hard to look at a car as brutal and knife-edged as the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce and think, “hmm, if only they’d made it a bit meaner.” The rarified supercar practically oozes aggression, however if you are of the camp who wants more, well… tuning firm Novitec has an answer. 

Meet their take on the high-flying Aventador SV—this racing-inspired and aerodynamically manipulated V12 beast, now spouting off a colossal 786 horsepower.

If you’ve got a spare SV lurking around your estate, Novitec would be happy to massage it into this. If you haven’t, well… you can keep dreaming like the rest of us.

Starting with the $500,000 Lamborghini, Novitec puts it on a carbon fiber diet, donating a new air-grabbing front splitter, gigantic rear wing, sleek hood air extractors, and a revised rocker panel design with gill slits running its length. The look is purely menacing, however Novitec says it’s been wind tunnel tested to reduce front lift and improve stability. Not a bad thing, especially considering these Italian rocket ships can smash the 200 mph barrier at full chat.

On its feet, these tuned Superveloces swap their standard rolling stock for a set of new forged NL3 alloy wheels with Y-spokes (designed to mirror the Y-styled headlights) and Pirelli P-Zero tires. Behind them, a set of sports springs lower the Aventador’s ride height by a sizable 1.3 inches. Crucially the lifting mechanism for tackling errant speed bumps still works as such, despite the drop.

he big news however is what lurks inside the supercar’s electrical brain. Novitec says engine computer tuning has boosted the car’s overall punch from 750 horsepower to 786 stampeding Italian thoroughbreds… quite the healthy jump. A less-restrictive exhaust system plays its part as well, creating a raucous noise all while cutting 46 pounds of unnecessary weight.

The price for the coolest body kit money can buy? Novitec hasn’t listed one, then again, if you have to ask…

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