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Porsche's stunningly elegant fully electric sports car, the Taycan, gets more affordable.

The Porsche Taycan is amongst one of the most exclusive Porsches around and is considered one of the top electric vehicles on the market today!

Not only is it a serious performer on both the road and track, but it also features jaw-dropping good looks and state of the art performance.

There is one problem, however, and that is the price. The top of the line Porsche Taycan Turbo S (ironic we know) will set you back $185,000, followed by the Taycan Turbo at $150,900, and then the Taycan 4S at $103,800.

But, Porsche has now confirmed a rear-wheel-drive base version of the Taycan for 2021, expected to be sold at around $81,250. However, that is still $10,630 more expensive than the all-wheel-drive Tesla Model S, which is way more powerful!

If it's Porsche luxury and lifestyle you're after, then, of course, the Taycan is an incredible choice.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on the Porsche Taycan Gets More Affordable.

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