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In the offroading community, it is not always about who can climb over the steepest angle or get out of the stickiest mud with the least effort as possible, but also water!

Most offroad vehicles, or cars in general, for that matter, have a certain threshold as to what limit the car can handle being submerged in and usually for the average road-going car it is far less than a foot deep onto the water before the car gets flooded.

Rivian put their R1T to the test to see how their truck would perform in flooded scenarios and conditions, and luckily for us, they filmed the entire process! It is unbelievable just how well this EV can handle being submerged. It quite literally puts other 4x4 brands to shame.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Reacting To The Rivian R1T Truck Slowly Driving Through 3 Feet Of Water...

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