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The 1962 Renault 4L was a turning point for Renault, and the car become a symbol of the era. One such timeless gem is the remarkable Renault 4L, unveiled in 1962. The Renault 4L captured the hearts of adventurers, families, and free spirits alike with its compact yet sturdy frame making it suited for both urban environments and off-road escapades. The 4L’s silhouette with a sloping roofline and distinctive round headlights, became an emblem of the 1960s automotive era. The Renault 4L had impressive off-road capabilities with a sturdy suspension system, durable chassis, and high ground clearance and this helped the car become an icon of wanderlust and a companion for memorable journeys and its presence in pop culture, films, and art has cemented its status as an iconic of 60s motoring. With a car with such a rich and varied history, it makes sense that Renault would create a modern throwback to the car utilising one of its futuristic concepts, which in this case is the Renault 4Ever Trophy.

The classic 4L had a small capacity powerplant with a whopping 25 kW of power on tap, with an equally amazing torque output of 73.5 Nm. Ok, not much at all, but that didn’t stop its popularity. The modern interpretation of the car isn’t one of those high-output EVs The 4Ever Trophy makes use of a single electric traction motor with a maximum output of 100 kW with a range of 400 km. Inspired by the original Renault 4, this show car paves the way for a future compact full-electric B-segment SUV and was hoped to cause a stir when showing off this new look at the 2023 French Open in Paris that opened on the 22nd May, and it did just that judging by the amount of online content we’ve seen dedicated to the car. To accentuate its retro styling, the 4Ever Trophy comes covered in a hue inspired by the launch colour for the 4L from way back in 1962 called “Ile-de-France Blue” or Island of France blue. The tech-inspired design is enhanced thanks to the fluorescent yellow accents on the roof straps, the shield, the suspension springs, and the wheel emblems. It doubles as a homage to the iconic tennis balls of the French Open, it underlines the show car’s off-road spirit and reflects the key traits of the original model. It would be really cool if these made it to production, don’t you think?

Take a look at the YouTube video from the Paris reveal of the amazing retro-styled futuristic Renault 4Ever Trophy and see what makes it special - which is quite a lot actually. There's no video of this new version that's a nod to the 1962 classic Renault 4L thanks to that unique shade of blue it's been covered in, likely because it's pretty much like putting makeup on the car and not an actual new model: Renault 4EVER Trophy Reveal | Paris Motor Show 2022 | The Wheel Network

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