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McLaren has given its 720S GT3 race-orientated supercar a more aggressive and far more powerful and quicker upgrade with the brand new McLaren 720S GT3X.

McLaren factory test driver, Rob Bell, and the director of motorsports at McLaren Automotive, Ian Morgan, dive down to the nitty-gritty of what makes the incredible McLaren 720S GT3X that much better than the already mental 720S GT3.

They both go on to explain that the McLaren 720S GT3X is a derivative of their 720S GT3, but the GT3X project allowed them to not have to conform to any rules or regulations. This means it was a field day for the drivers and engineers to showcase and explore what is humanly possible in creating one of the most exciting racecars ever made.

The GT3X is based on the platform of the McLaren 720S GT3 but the goal was to make it faster and more powerful, with better acceleration, better brake performance and more exciting to drive. And that's exactly what they accomplished.

The McLaren 720S GT3X pushes out 750ps, which is an additional 200hp from the GT3, and features a newly designed aerodynamics system that further pushes the car into the ground to help with handling and top speed. Furthermore, the GT3X has the ability to have a passenger and driver, but the GT3 did not thanks to its newly designed roll cage. 

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, McLaren Automotive, on the McLaren 720S GT3X.

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