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Back in the mid-1990s, car customisation was a whole other story. Traditionally, car customisation was exactly that, with nearly every single component of the car receiving some sort of a makeover. With that came custom dials and gauges...

As it stands, your car's gauges play a very important role visually. But, if overdone, your car's interior will look like a Christmas tree, which you want to avoid...

But there are exceptions though. Take a car like a 350Z for example, it is a car that has aged well considering the original shape was released two decades ago. People are still in love with them in the car community today. But there are certain parts that look quite dated, such as the cluster and centre dash dials which are a nasty dim orange.

Thankfully, there is a ton of aftermarket support for this car, and many others as well. Usually, if you wanted to customise your cluster and gauges, you'll have to rip it apart and custom make them to your liking. But there is a better approach, you can invest in some gauge overlays which fit directly over your factory gauges. Then you've just got to link up the new lighting wires, and the result is a far more modern look! 

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Cameron Alford, on $69 Blue 350Z Gauges, I love them!

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