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Check out these cars that had a terrible turbo reputation and should not have been built in the first place!

Turbo chargers, we all know them and most of us love them, but they don't particularly work incredibly well on every single car, even if they are straight out of the factory.

There are many reasons as to why turbo chargers are great additions to your engine, they produce power, significantly more, they also help your engine to be a lot more fuel-efficient and of course, make crazy good noises! But like most other car innovations, they also had their bad times.

The 1980s was a turning point for car innovations and of course the turbo charger as well. However, they quickly gained the reputation of being seriously unreliable and not even half as good as the naturally aspirated good old days, but as time went on, the mighty turbo charger got better and better, and right up to today's day in age, it is actually quite hard to find a modern car that doesn't have some sort of a turbo charger.

But even still, there are some cars that just haven't been engineered right and turbo chargers still fail excessively.

Here are the worst turbo charged cars ever to have been built:

  • 1980s Trans Am Turbo - General Motors sold the Trans Am Turbo as a far more fuel-efficient version of the naturally aspirated V8 version, however, the turbo charger was a complete letdown to its customers, with countless turbo fails and a disappointing amount of HP.
  • Chevrolet Trax - The Chevrolet Trax is a modern-day mid-sized car that is designed to look like a crossover SUV, however, even in modern times car companies can get their engineering wrong. The turbo charger in this little thing is ridiculously unreliable! Not to mention reports of people experiencing fuel leaks in the cabin, electrical failures, fires and even failed brakes!
  • Dodge Daytona - With its terrible looks aside, the little Dodge Daytona was a front-wheel-drive made to look like a muscle car of the 1980s and only made 140 HP, nevertheless, its 2.2-litre turbo engine had 2 main problems, the turbo charger's reputation for failing before 50,000 miles, and it's rod knock nickname: The Rod Knocker!
  • Dodge Caliber SRT-4 - In the mid-2000s, Dodge was on a mission to make versions of their cars that were as fast as possible hence the SRT badge, however, with the Dodge Caliber, the SRT-4 went through more turbo chargers than miles.

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