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When you have time, skill and a great big imagination, you get this 1971 Pontiac Trans-Am with a supercharged LS-powered TA and an R32 GT-R driveline. Wait. What?

So, this dude called Gregg found a 1971 Pontiac Trans-Am Firebird in a field in Nevada that had been sitting, wasting away for 10-years. Gregg, who just happens to be Ken Block's head mechanic at the Hoonigan Racing Division, decided to create his own Frankenstein's monster, and he nailed it.

Leaving the pockmarked bodywork was the inspiration for the rest of the build. Prett much everything was selected to match the monster-like theme, but it was built for a purpose. There are parts from Ford and a Corvette, plenty of custom fabrication, it's got an air-system, modified control units and, most importantly, the four-wheel-drive system from a Nissan GT-R R32 and a rear diff from a Nissan 350Z.

Building it in his own time took around two years, it's just crazy to look at, and it goes like the clappers. Perfect, then!

Check out the video for a more comprehensive rundown of the build and to see the Frankenstein Trans-Am Firebird in action.

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