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This full build shows us the transformation of a Chevrolet Silverado workhorse into a mean, modified street truck.

Tuning in to Powernation on YouTube will keep you busy for hours with a variety of shows for every petrolhead's taste. In this instance, it's the Tech Truck team that show us how they turned a 1993 Chevy Silverado with 260,000 miles on the clock into a modified street machine.

What caught our eye was the way they dropped the truck, five inches up front and six at the back. The front suspension was straight forward, replacing the shocks, springs and drop spindle, but the rear end was a different story.

To drop the Silverado by six inches meant that they would need to move the leaf springs from above the axle to below it. To do this, they disassembled the entire suspension setup, measured out a section of the frame rail with a C-notch plate supplied with the new kit, and then cut the shape for clearance. With the C-notch plate bolted into place, the structural integrity of the cut frame rail is restored.

The leaf springs are then bolted to the bottom of the axle, and all the other parts bolted back in place.

They also installed new rotors for the front disk brakes and drums at the back and replaced the high-mileage U-joints on the prop shaft.

The truck receives a new set of 20-inch matt black KMC Addict rims with Falken Azenis FK-line tyres, made especially for SUV's and pick-ups that aren't intended for the road less travelled.

Then it's time for the bodywork, removing rust and replacing the hood that has a bullet hole in it. The rockers and corners of the cab were rusted through and required replacing. The rear bumper also headed for the dump, with a steel roll pan taking its place.

The team replaced the front end, including the grille and headlights. The tailgate handle moved from the outside to the inside, and new sport mirrors finish off the look. Lastly, the old trim was removed from the truck. 

Next up is prep work for the paint shop. Grinding away the old paint, using body filler to plug up holes and removing small dents. Then it's time for primer before the Bomber Blue paint is sprayed.

Now that the Silverado is looking mean, it's time to receive a heart transplant. It's out with the old 350 and in with a 383 Stroker crate short block, with a hot cam and a new EFI. The engine build is incredibly detailed and covers every aspect of the powerplant's installation.

The automatic transmission receives a rebuild and upgrades to handle the new power. Not just internals, but the ancillaries are replaced too, along with the clutch and all its parts.

Eventually, the Silverado's new engine and transmission are installed, everything is wired up, and the ECU is set. A new dual cat-back exhaust system is bolted on with a little modification to get it to fit perfectly. A limited-slip differential is installed so that both rear tyres receive all that new power.

Finally, with a new set of tail lights installed, it's time to hit the blacktop. The Silverado is a beauty, and surprisingly, this entire build was done on a budget. The idea is to show that most of this work can be done without spending a fortune. It's a Low Buck Sport Truck.

The video below is long, but it is wonderfully detailed and worth the time to watch.

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