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Imagine how fast race cars would be if there was no rolling resistance with wheels against the pavement? The speed and manoeuvrability would be almost limitless if we could just get ’em off the ground! We’ve escaped gravity somewhat with magnetic levitation, but it’s largely limited to dedicated tracks. However, there might be a solution around the corner and it’s straight out of a science fiction movie!

The QMR (Quantum Motor Racing) concept explores the use of quantum levitation, a far-out yet feasible expansion of magnet tech that relies on temperature adjustments and a delicate balance of superconductors and magnets. The requirements for development into large-scale use – like that of a racetrack – would be incredibly challenging and expensive but absolutely fascinating if achieved!

The futuristic race car concept is built to be much more aerodynamic than the average car thanks to its slender shape and size. All four ends of the car feature superconductors that propel the auto-forward using quantum energy to create a frictionless riding experience. Magnets inside the car and along the track ensure the vehicle stays within its perimeters for added safety.

Because it’s completely frictionless as far as the ground is concerned, the QMR concept vehicle itself is optimized for aerodynamics. As for forwarding propulsion, that’s still left to the imagination!

You can learn more about quantum levitation by watching the video below. 


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