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Here are a couple of reasons as to why Tesla's are so expensive.

Tesla's are one of the most desirable cars to own and, unlike exclusive Lamborghini's and Ferrari's, they are far more in reach. Unfortunately, though, they are still quite expensive in comparison to other commuter cars.

Even though Tesla has been around for quite some time, their products and technology are still incredibly new. Unlike other automakers who have hundreds of assembly plants around the world to keep up with the demand, Tesla is far smaller currently.

Furthermore, the technology that goes into a Tesla is also fairly new, expensive to produce, and also is included in all their models. 

One also has to take into account the insurance involved, as it's currently more expensive to insure a Tesla than a regular combustion engine-powered car. This is because Tesla are the only ones who currently repair Tesla's.

A counter-argument for all of this is what about the fuel expense you'll save, as Tesla charging stations are free? Well, even though Tesla charging stations are free, they are only found in selected areas across the country. This means that, if you can't access one, you're going to have to charge your car at home, which will drastically increase the running costs.

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