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With an impressive electric lineup, let's have a look at what makes the Tesla Model Y Performance the most impressive car.

The Tesla Model Y was announced in early 2019, with its first production run in January 2020. The Model Y shares many similarities with its older brother, the Tesla Model 3.

However, newer usually means faster, more modern, better features and improved fuel economy. However, the Model Y was to fill in the gap of the SUV into the Tesla range. At first glance, you might mistake the Model Y as a regular, yet slightly large, sedan. But, thanks to the hatchback inspired design, the Model Y has much more storage in the rear and, because its electric, it also has sufficient storage in the front. Furthermore, the rear trunk lid has a nifty feature where, like a seat position, you can program how wide you'd like to have it automatically open. Perhaps when the trunk lid is too high for you to comfortably close it when opened fully, or maybe your garage roof is quite low.

Like the model 3, the Tesla Model Y has no manual controls in the interior as everything is controlled via the control screen. Even your airconditioning vents and windscreen wipers are controlled via the Tesla interface.

There are two Model Y versions available, the standard version and the Model Y Performance. The Model Y Performance comes standard with larger rims and lower profile wheels to give the car a more racier feel, and has a rating of 3.5 seconds in its 0-60 mph time. However, if you're after comfort, then the standard Model Y is probably for you.

Take a look at this review below by YouTube channel, Marques Brownlee, on Why The Tesla Model Y Is The Most Important Car.

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