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The art of going sideways at speed in a car has been around for ages now, so long that we have superstars on the competitive side of the sport. At some of the bigger events, you’re likely to see world-class drifters like Fredric Aasbo, Ken Gushi and Jhonnattan Castro. Frederoc hails from Norway and has been drifting competitively for years now. Last year he was crowned as the Formula Drift World Champion for 2021, and that title adds to his record of being the winningest driver in the history of the series. Aasbo is definitely someone you want on your Mall Raid team. Japan’s Kenshiro Gushi is one of Japan's drifting stars, having learned to drift over twenty years ago in a legendary Toyota AE86 in the streets of San Gabriel. Ken is essential to any team that plans on ripping up the floors of an abandoned shopping mall in a purpose-built drift Supra.

If you claim to be into car of any kind, and you tell me that you have never thought about or imagined driving a car or bike through a shopping mall, I’ll straight up call you a liar. The thought of being able to shred through a mall in between kiosks and around display pieces and through shops is enough to make some people go out and try it, whether it’s done illegally or not. 

This time round, luckily, this was all above board. The pair of professional drifters, under the direction of professional automotive photographer Larry Chen, were invited to do just that, absolutely shred an abandoned shopping mall that looks suspiciously like it could be out of a popular Netflix series. Stranger Things have happened… The abandoned “Star Court Mall” has more than enough space combined with wide corners and picturesque arches to be able to get these new-generation drift cars up to a fast enough speed that if someone messed up a line, a whole section of mall and a car could be destroyed - the possible downsides to drifting in an abandoned shopping mall.

You know when Larry Chen wants to set up a proper shoot, he goes over and above. You’ll notice just how much goes into setting up a shoot like this abandoned mall shred shesh when you watch the video. Larry and his crew do full setups in various sections of the mall and the resulting footage gets stitched together for a seamless run, although plenty full runs were done, it’s just not possible to film a perfect run for both drivers in one long shot, well it will be possible on a proper circuit, things are a little more of a hit and miss in an abandoned shopping mall. It really does look like all of these guys involved with this project have their dream jobs, from the professional drifters to Larry and his crew. We’re ever so slightly jealous.

Take a look at the YouTube video about the abandoned mall shred sesh below: Abandoned Mall shred sesh with two 1000hp Supras and one Toyota 86 - Larry Chen.

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