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The Mazda RX-7 has gone down in history as one of the great JDM classics featuring a tiny displacement rotary engine that pushes out all those lovely "Braaap Braaap Braaap" noises we all know and love! But aside from the most popular RX-7, the FD RX-7, we had its older brother, the Mazda FC RX-7 which, to your surprise, wasn't even a JDM car!

Just because a car is Japanese doesn't necessarily make it JDM, as in made for the Japanese Domestic Market. The Mazda FC RX-7 was specifically designed to be a rival to the Porsche 944 and 928 which offered a fantastic driving experience at a fraction of the price.

The overall look was even based or should we say "copied" from the Porsche and would be sold to the United States market and it was a hit winning Motor Trends car of the year and according to the review, it was better at handling, faster and significantly cheaper to the Porsches of the time.

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