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To fill the gap between the 650S and the omnipotent, god-like P1, McLaren built a track-focused version of the 650S and called it the 675LT. 

This limited-production, barely-road-legal race car for the road packs an even bigger punch than its standard-issue counterpart, wringing out every last ounce of performance from the 650S platform via enhanced aerodynamics, less weight, and even more power. 666 evil horsepower to be exact! It may come with all the markings of something for public roads, but given the right environment, the 675LT is capable of posting times far beyond most road-going cars.

So what can you do with that retina-searing green 666-horspower twin-turbo, V8 rocketship? The magicians at McLaren proudly claim that it launches to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds and hits a top speed of 328km/h.

The “LT” designation stands for “Long Tail” a tip of the hat to the uprated edition of McLaren's legendary F1 of 1992-’98 that had extended rear bodywork to help racing versions stick to the track better. The F1 is now a sought-after classic, with one selling at auction during the Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance in 2013 for $8.47 million. So any association with that car is desirable.

Quickly summarized, the 675LT is basically a modified 650S. You still get all the usual supercar cues, like swoopy front aero that melts into signature McLaren headlights, a nose low enough to scrape pennies, and pronounced side air intakes. However, the 675LT takes the original design and adds, for lack of a better word, more – more downforce, more cooling, more length, more lightness, and more aggression.

The backend of this beast is where the “LT” really sets itself apart. Dominating the rear is an active “Longtail” airbrake, which goes vertical when entering a corner to assist in slowing the car, then levels off for reduced aerodynamic drag at the exit. This feature is now 50 percent larger than what you get with the 650S and other Super Series models, but interestingly, its updated carbon-fiber construction also makes it lighter.

Other new features include twin circular exhaust pipes hewn from titanium. There’s an open rear fascia, additional louvers on the polycarbonate rear window, and vents in the bumper to help dispel hot air from the engine bay and reduce pressure over the rear wheels. Underneath is a large carbon-fiber diffuser.

This Silica White example had barely touched down at Daytona, the importers of McLaren in South Africa, when it was sent to Race in Kyalami for some key touches to make this very limited car, number 185 of 500 to be exact, even more special to the eye.

The car was ordered from McLaren with a few orange touches already, including orange calipers, seats and seatbelts, but the owner wanted a few more orange elements added to the car. To achieve this, the experts at Race did custom painted orange pinstripes throughout the bodywork of the car, including the front bumper, sideskirts, wing mirrors and finally on the back bumper as well. Inside the cabin custom decals was added that reads #185SC, indicating the production number of the car, as well as the owners initials.

Next up was giving the car a bit more of a sinister look, by making the roof matte black and adding to that, the fender vents on the front fenders were changed to the same finish as the roof. Lastly the car's lights were smoked, for a more stealthy look. To protect this highly prized possession, a mix of matt and gloss paint protection film was applied on all the carbon parts on the car as well as the front end of the car, ensuring the car will look as good as new for a long time to come.

If you're going to get yourself a limited edition, ultra-pricey, badass supercar, you might as well make it stand out as much as possible, and this 666HP monster, has managed to turn out completely devilish! 


Car Specs

Model: McLaren 675LT
Power: 666HP
Exterior: Custom painted orange pinstripes on front bumper, sideskirts, wing mirrors and back bumper, Matte black roof, Matte black fender vents, Tinted lights, Paint protection film
Interior: Custom decals




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