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If you’re like me, you grew up associating the iconic aftermarket tuning company AC Schnitzer with all things BMW, but the company does dabble in other brands. One of those makes perfect sense too, you can get AC Schnitzer bits for Toyota’s GR Supra. Clearly there’s a link in play thanks to the ridiculously-popular Supra being powered by a BMW engine. AC Schnitzer has been fiddling with BMWs and more for 37 years now, the company was founded in 1987 in Aachen, Germany, and has established itself as one of the most respected tuning companies in Europe, and they have a worldwide footprint. AC Schnitzer was born out of a collaboration between two key figures: Willi Kohl, an entrepreneur and motorsport enthusiast, and Herbert Schnitzer, an engineer with a background in motorsports. Kohl’s business acumen and Schnitzer’s technical expertise turned out to be a brilliant combination. AC Schnitzer originally operated as a subsidiary of Schnitzer Motorsport, a well-known entity in touring car racing, but they saw the want for toned-down accessories for streetcars. The late 1980s and early 1990s were formative years for AC Schnitzer when the company made a name for itself with its modified BMWs that outperformed factory models. Starting in the late 80s, it makes sense that the BMW E30 3 Series was one of the first platforms that AC Schnitzer extensively modified - the AC Schnitzer E30 featured enhanced engine performance, suspension upgrades, and unique styling elements, setting a precedent for future projects. This was when the company started creating custom parts that not only improved performance but also allowed customers to personalise their vehicles and use their preferred workshop or body shop to fit the goodies. The turn of the century saw AC Schnitzer expanding its offerings and entering new markets by catering for a wider range of BMW models, including the Z3, Z4, and the X series SUVs. The AC Schnitzer Z4, for example, featured significant engine tuning, bespoke interior modifications, and aggressive exterior styling, making it a favourite among enthusiasts. In 2007, AC Schnitzer celebrated its 20th anniversary and they unveiled several special edition models and tuning packages, showcasing their expertise in transforming BMWs into high-performance machines. One notable example was the ACS3 based on the BMW M3, which boasted increased horsepower, improved aerodynamics, and a distinctive look.

Fast forward to now and Schnitzer has just updated its catalogue of awesomeness to include the new facelifted GR Supra. As the exclusive tuner for the Toyota GR Supra, AC Schnitzer is the proud technology partner of Toyota Deutschland GmbH and they offer a wide range of products from the AC Schnitzer special parts programme that can now be ordered via Toyota dealers. For the Toyota GR Supra with the 3.0-litre engine, the performance upgrade raises the standard output of 250 kW to 294 kW and the maximum torque increases from 500 Nm to a powerful 600 Nm. For the Supra with the 2.0-litre engine, the upgrade takes the power from 190 kW to 221 kW and the torque from 400 Nm to 470 Nm - although that makes no difference to us here in SA as we only get the big daddy version. The Schnitzer components optimise the sound and appearance of the rear of the Toyota GR Supra with the AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer and a carbon "Racing" rear boot lid wing that can be had with or without an optional Gurney flap - the flap is a must, just because. The wing’s high-strength and durable lightweight construction with aluminium feet increases downforce at the rear axle and gives the rear a more beefy appearance. The aerodynamic counterpart is the AC Schnitzer front splitter manufactured in ASA (Acrylnitril-Styrol-Acrylester) that doesn’t need paint before the easy fitment. Visually, there’s a 2-colour design stripe set: that gives a finishing touch. Agility and driving dynamics are tweaked with a height and rebound adjustable RS coilover suspension kit that lowers the GR's centre of gravity by 30 - 40 mm. There’s also the option of lowering springs that drop the car by 15 - 25 mm. There is also a choice of some stunning 20-inch AC1 alloy wheels in BiColour, Anthracite or Black, as well as the new AC4 alloy wheels. The AC3 flow-forming rims are available in 21-inch, and they are also available in BiColour, Anthracite or Black. For the cabin, there’s an aluminium pedal set with matching footrest, a keyholder and a cover for the iDrive System Controller. All AC Schnitzer components for the Toyota GR Supra are available as individual parts of a modular system.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the latest additions for the new GR Supora from the company that became famous as a BMW partner: Toyota GR Supra by AC Schnitzer | acschnitzer1987

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