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Here are some of the best modifications for the Ford Ranger T7 and T8.

So you have just invested in a new Ford Ranger, and the time has come to start making it even better with some modifications and accessories so you can tackle the outdoors with ease. Here are some of the best modifications for the Ford Ranger T7 and T8 models.

Just one thing to keep in mind is that these are not model specific modifications and accessories, all these mods will work on the XS, XL, XLT and Wildtrack Ford Ranger additions, and regardless if you have a single cab, super cab or double cab.

1: Raptor Front Grille

Replacing your stock front grille with the upgraded Raptor edition will give your Ford Ranger that mean look and, on top of that, you can fit the Raptor light covers as well to finish it off.

2: Wide Arch kit

The wide arch for the Ford Ranger is probably the most popular modification to do to your new Ranger as it is non-destructive and gives your Ranger a wider and more aggressive look. Wide arches and a wheel spacer will work wonders, and its a simple enough modification to do yourself at home with basic tools.

3: Snorkel

In the 4X4 community, you aren't official until you have installed a snorkel to your Ranger. This modification actually benefits your engine by sucking in cleaner, less dusty air, or in the event that you drive through high waters and your intake gets submerged. A snorkel install extends your intake right up to the roof level to ensure you're getting cool air, and only air, into your intake to keep your engine running.

4: Tail light Covers

Moving to the rear of the Ford Ranger, tail light covers are, again, purely cosmetic, but aim to achieve a more rugged, hardcore offroad look – much like its big brother, the Ford Ranger Raptor.

5: Easy Down Damper Kit

The trunk lid of any pickup truck is usually just held on with either chain or cable, which can slam open and potentially damage it. That's where the easy down damper kit comes in.

6: Aluminium Roller Cover

There are many options out there to close and cover your loading bay at the back of your Ford Ranger, from a canopy to a canvas cover. But if you want the best of both, you'll want to get your hands on an aluminium roller cover.

7: Roof Rack

Like the roller cover, there are many roof rack options out there to suit your needs. Depending on what Ford Ranger you have, you may or may not have factory roof rack rails, which is the platform to attach other racks to. So, depending on your needs, you might want to explore the options available for roof racks to allow more storage to your Ford Ranger.

Be sure to have a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Graham Goode Racing, on the best modifications for the Ford Ranger T7 and T8.

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