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Brabus is a name known around the word for its association with Mercedes-Benz, in particular making them a lot more powerful and faster than the original designers intended. This is the kind of company we like, and clearly so does the car-buying public because Brabus has been around for 45 years now. These days when you see a Brabus logo on a new generation Mercedes, there’s a possibility that its only a visual upgrade, but there’s also a possibility that the engine and underpinnings also bear the Brabus logos and when it’s a complete package, the result is something special both in performance and soundtrack. Over the years there’s been a bunch of cool collaborations between the brands, and AMGmeister recently took the time to round up his five favourite Brabus and Mercedes-Benz projects, these are they.

One thing Brabus likes to do is shoehorn a massively oversized engine into something a little less suited to the job, but then also making it more suited by upgrading all the necessary components to ensure not only a powerful conversion / transplant, but also a reliable one. This matters most, especially when the cars they play with are usually exclusive and up near the top of the range, if not being the actual range-topping halo model, and so the clientele is rather elite. I mean you’re not really going to see a 20-year-old student rolling in a G Wagon unless he’s a verified TikTik star or the son of a bazillionaire or he got the right six numbers on a lottery ticket.

Out of the five you see here, we quite like the monstrous Brabus GLK V12, Rumour has it that the car was so modified that it wasn’t allowed to be registered as a Mercedes-Benz in its home country, it had to be a Brabus model. While there’s currently a massive fight in the world of SUVs to see who offers the best and biggest and fastest, a good thirteen years ago the GLK V12 was the top dog, able to cross 320 km/h (200 mph) on top while being able to do the 100 km/h dash in a smidge over 4.0-seconds. To get the GLK to be so vicious, a 5.5-litre BiTurbo V12 powerplant was pulled from a Mercedes-Benz SL and fitted to the SUV, but only after increasing capacity to 6.3-litres and adding in the drivetrain from the Maybach of the time. The result is 600 kW (750 hp) and 1350 Nm of torque. Now you know why it’s our favourite colab result. 

Take a look at the YouTube video from AMGmeister that shows off five of the most extreme Brabus and Mercedes-Benz collaborations - in his mind, of course. Do you know of any missed models? Do you agree with the list?: The 5 Most Extreme Brabus Models Ever Made | AMGmeister

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