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Jay Leno does restoration on many of his vehicles, although most of us only see the completed ones. In this blog, he gives us the rundown on his current projects.

His car collection is legendary, from classics to modern-day collectables. But, Jay Leno doesn't just buy restored vehicles, many of his projects require a lot of work, not to mention the amount of maintenance needed to keep his collection moving.

In this video blog, he gives us a rundown of the current restorations, modifications and maintenance that's going on in his garage. It's fascinating stuff, from the unusual Doble Steam Car, with its unique layout and drivetrain, to his 1914 Detroit Electric restomod with it's Nissan Leaf electronic upgrades, airconditioning and a period-correct radio system that has been upgraded by Bose to include a Bluetooth connection and more.

He takes us through his classic Pontiac Firebird that is almost ready for the showroom, and 1938 MG that requires nearly everything to be fixed, restored, replaced or upgraded. He also gives us a glimpse of the new titanium exhaust for his Ford GT.

He's also working on a remarkably rare American classic called a Will StClair, with its unique overhead cam V8 engine and intriguing history. It was the fasted car of its day, but this particular model has never been started, which he is anxious to remedy as soon as possible.

It's a fascinating glimpse at what Jay Leno does when he's not filming, and it'll make you respect that man even more. So, smash that play button below and enjoy the show.

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