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Meet the man who tears up Lambos to build drift cars, no other than Mad Mike himself.

Those who want to get started in the drift scene are probably not sponsored and will settle and be happy with something like a Nissan 200SX or similar, quite possible stock for starters, maybe a good service and then some coilovers and tyres, then slowly upgrade the mods and performance as you gain the experience.

Then you get some folk who have been in the game for many many years and have gained the necessary experience and skill as well as earned the reputation to get noticed by a serious sponsor such as Red Bull Racing.

Mad Mike is quite possibly one of the most famous drifters in the world, sponsors like Red Bull Racing have huge budgets for race car drivers who can compete with the very best drifters in the world. In that case, what is a little Lamborghini sacrifice for parts in the grand scheme of things?

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