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These 10-minute build videos are usually of JDM cars, so it's refreshing to see a German car getting the treatment, especially when it's one from the early 90s. This is how the guys at Fitment Industries modified their 1991 BMW E30 318i.

When they got the car, it was completely stock, inside and out. Yes, it was in pretty good nick when they bought it, but over a year, they modified it to be a completely different beast. This video shows us how they got it into a show-stopping condition.

As one would expect, the classic E30 received a new set of two-piece forged wheels and better tyres to replace the stock BBS ones fitted from the factory. The originals would not be sufficient to accommodate the rest of the upgrades, more solid wheels and stickier tyres are always necessary, as is a brake upgrade to make sure it would stop when required.

They guys set about changing up the shocks to a set of Silvers coilovers to lower the stance and stiffen up the ride. But, that wasn't enough, so a set of bags was installed too because, let's be honest, why not? This, in turn, required the guys to roll the fenders out to prevent the tyres from rubbing.

Instead of repainting the vehicle, it simply received a black-out wrap of the lights and windows, blacked out the interior and replaced the steering wheel. Then they gave it a good service and sent it down the quarter-mile to receive a proper hiding from a Ford Mustang.

At the end of the day, not everyone is into making modifications to get their car going faster, sometimes it is just for show. Rice, anyone?

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