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This guy built a Porsche Boxter into a 60s Formula 1 car.

On the extreme side of car modification world lies the Frankenstein's and mad scientists who have the technical know-how and will build anything from the ground up.The story of the guy who transformed a Porsche Boxter into a 60s style Formula 1 car is no different!

Wesley Kagan has always been a fan of Formula 1, but more so the racecars from the 60s Grand Prix's. So, as you guessed, he built his own out of a Porsche Boxter. The first step was to design the frame of the car which he did in the Forza Motorsport video game. After that, it was purely mechanical and the outcome is something out of this world, yet sounds so familiar! Keep in mind that Wesley's Porsche Boxter 60s Formula 1 car is fully street legal as well.

Take a look at the incredible transformation build by YouTube channel, Wesley Kagan, on the Porsche Boxter built into a 60s Formula 1 car in the video below.

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