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The Tesla cockpit camera is able to detect driver behaviour which includes if a driver is looking at their phone.

Multiple Tesla owners have noticed an interior camera located in the rearview mirror, however, not much explanation of this has been given publically as yet.

The Tesla data collected by these cameras have been hacked and the leak shows that, although not in full development yet, these cameras are able to detect when a Tesla driver is either: 

  • Blinded
  • Eyes Closed
  • Eyes Normal
  • Eyes Up
  • Head Down
  • Looking Left
  • Looking RIght
  • Phone Use
  • Sunglasses - Eyes Nominal
  • Sunglasses - Eyes Down

The research states that Tesla's active driving behaviour monitoring system will only engage when Autopilot is engaged.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Tesla knows when you're looking at your phone.

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